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Soft Law Firm's traditions of outstanding client service, professional development, and community involvement are deeply rooted. These traditions provide a strong foundation for the firm as we move forward to embrace the innovations and ideals driving the legal profession in the new economy. The firm offers its employees a challenging work environment, emphasizes training and responsibility, and provides competitive compensation and progressive workplace policies.

Many people enter the legal field believing that it is an assured path to economic safety. Historically, this was true - for many years, the legal profession enjoyed affluence unrivaled by other diligences. However, the legal industry is undergoing a histrionic conversion as the balance of power shifts to the client, and this shift is reflected in legal reimbursement. A law degree can open the door to a wide variety of careers. Lawyers play an important role in society through the practice of law, which encompasses a multitude of activities. A strong education in law college also provides the ability to pursue employment opportunities outside of the legal profession.

Receptionist / Secretary

A receptionist / secretary is required by our firm who's responsible to manage the files and clients' data, archiving the office records, organizing / scheduling the meetings with clients and to meet and greet the international clientele.

Apart from proficiency in speaking / writing in English, the candidate must have indebth expertise in using MS Office, e-mail clients and specific internet search and usage as per firm's requirements.

Visiting Specialists

High Caliber Professionals are required as Visiting Specialists (on appointment) in the fields of Financial Accounting, Business Taxation, Corporate Laws, Marketing Management, Industrial & Commercial Laws, Cost Accountancy and Strategic Financial Management to give consultation to the interested clients of Soft Law Firm, on negotiable remunerations.

Legislative Consultants / Experts

Experienced in legislative drafting i.e. vetting and drafting of Bills / Ordinances / Statutes including sub-ordinate legislation i.e. Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Notifications, Statutory Instruments, International Treaties, Conventions, Agreements, MOUs, Contracts and Sovereign Guaranties, He / She should be seasoned expert in research of legal matters. We usually receive National & International Government Contract for drafting of an exhaustive legislation and require the services of various lawyers capable to vet and draft the relevant Statutes and its Rules. We’ll be obliged if you please send us your passport sized colored photograph, mentioning your name on its back, through courier, to facilitate us to add your name in the list of people engaged in the legal profession for the required purpose, along with concise CV and contact information.

Manager Legal

The candidate must be a LL.B. however LL.M. degree holders will be given preference. Should have in-depth knowledge of Pakistani legal system, legal drafting, and legal dispute settlement, with a minimum of 5 years of experience, which is not essential in case of good educational qualifications. We are seeking the services of suitably qualified lawyers (male / female) for some of our big clients having the following capacity to deal with:

  • Oversee organization's legal interests;
  • Maintaining its operations within the scope established by law;
  • Responsible for Co-ordination and overseeing all Litigation;
  • Should be capable to handle potential legal matters, including analysis, evaluation and defense of any legal disputes;
  • Monitor changes in Government Laws and Regulations effecting departmental operations;
  • Should be responsible to structure the stock and bond offerings and the banks insurance loans that provide enterprises with capital;
  • Vet Legal documents (MOU, Agreements etc);
  • Assist in reviewing, and finalizing joint venture / strategic partnership agreements;
  • Communicate Government laws and regulations affecting the company's operations;
  • Provide legal opinion to the Board of directors, CEO and Executive Management Team;
  • Examine agreements prior to the execution within company's policy, viewpoint and best interest; and
  • Should be well aware of labor law acts.

Legal Consultants

To give legal opinion, holding post graduate law degree from university of repute, member of law firms and retired judges, able to provide innovative solutions to complex legal and regulatory issues. Candidates desirous to join Soft Law Firm as legal consultants, may apply by making applications containing their particulars of educational qualifications, age and two references, citing special field of interest. Please provide your concise CV, fresh passport sized photograph along with present contact information.

Legal Experts for Outsourcing

We want to place some of the important names in our web-site under the caption “Legal Experts for Outsourcing”. The particulars placed here-in may enable our domestic, international clients or any other Organization / Agency, desiring to avail your services, to contact you through us. For this purpose we’d like to have your concise profile, giving essential particulars regarding your educational qualifications and experience, preferably shortened into 1 paragraph along-with your passport sized photograph. In case you’ll accept the offer from them, you can join the said organization. This facility is given to you without any cost except that we want to have your continued professional relationship with our law firm, in future.

Paralegal Staff (Female)

Graduates with excellent interpersonal skills, analytical research, excellent oral and written communication skills and proficiency in computer operations. Candidates desirous to join soft Law Firm as para legal staff may apply by making applications containing their particulars of educational qualifications, age, Address, Contact information and two references, citing special field of interest. She should also send one colored passport sized photographs, mentioning name on its back.

Law Apprentice / Internship

Fresh Law Graduate desirous to join soft Law Firm for both apprentice / internship programmed may apply by making applications containing their particulars of educational qualifications, age, address, contact information along with two references, citing special field of interest. He / She should also send one coloured passport sized photographs, followed by mentioning his / her name on the backside. The candidates should be competent, energetic and hardworking young lawyers to work on investigative projects. They should hold strong personalities with good communication, presentation, pleading and argument skills.

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