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Preparing to start Businesses

  • Advising on business ideas
  • Advising on business plans
  • Drafting business plans(For Business Loans & Bids)
  • Drafting business plans(For Visas & Immigration Purpose)
  • Franchise Setup
  • Frenchiser Sub-letting

Starting businesses

  • Company Registration
  • Business Registration
  • Self employed registration
  • NTN applications
  • Help & assistance to obtain NOC & Licenses for starting business
  • Finding office space
  • Finding residence for company staff
  • Website development and IT equipments
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Employees Background check & verifications
  • Consultancy and assistance on securing loans
  • Finding Business premises(for Local & Immigration Clients)
  • Finding Accommodation (for Staffs/Employees of the Business)
  • Consultancy and assistance on securing grants & fundings