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Human Resource as a Strategic Partner

Human Resource as a Strategic Partner

All successful organizations generate value for their stakeholders. They understand the needs of their stakeholders, the external and internal environments in which they operate and how change will impact their organization.

For the human resource function to provide value to their stakeholders, we must become strategic, we must build partnerships with internal and external stakeholders and we must align our products and services to the strategic orientation of the organization.

In other words, we must become a strategic partner.

For this purpose, trainings are specially organized to train HR professionals. This training can be beneficial for the employees in order to learn what steps a human resource department must take in order to contribute, at a high level, to the success of the organization.

Training objectives are as following

  • Identifying ways in which HR can support the organization's strategy and goals
  • How to engage other business leaders in strategic analysis and planning
  • Developing and implementing an HR strategy that supports the organization's strategic alignment
  • Provide HR focused expertise to other functions when formulating goals and objectives
  • Ensuring that the HR strategy creates and sustains the organization's competitive advantage
  • Evaluating HR critical activities to determine impact, value added and utility
  • Use systems thinking to understand how the organization operates
  • Use benchmarks, industry metrics and workforce trends to understand the organization's market position and competitive advantage


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