Human Resource Trainings Consultancy Form

Below you will find the current Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire. The deadline for completion is the end of the month.

Please put aside time to complete this survey as accurately and honestly as possible. It is a critical step in creating your personal development plan and enabling you to achieve success in your current role. This information will help the Organizational Development Team to deliver the best training to meet your specific needs.

Please rate your degree of knowledge/skill in each of the competencies sections below using a scale of 1-5 or N/A and the free text space to provide additional comments.

The results of this Training Needs Analysis are confidential and will only be shared with you, your direct manager and HR.


Team HR

Soft Law Firm


Job Title:
Years of working experience:


1 = No knowledge/skill

2 = A little knowledge/skill but considerable development required

3 = Some knowledge/skill but development required

4 = Good level of knowledge/skill displayed, with a little development required

5 = Fully knowledgeable/skilled – no/very little development required

N/A = This competency is not applicable to my job


Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents. NA12345
Giving full attention to what other people are saying. NA12345
Understanding how to provide effective feedback to others. NA12345
Knowing how to ask NA12345

Interpersonal Skills

Addressing critical customer issues in a timely manner NA12345
Demonstrating an understanding for other points of view. NA12345
Recognizing and rewarding behavior that contributes toward excellent performance. NA12345
Knowing how to adapt to meet the needs of the individual or situation. NA12345

Conflict Resolution

Knowing how to facilitate constructive conversations with stakeholders. NA12345
Identifying areas of agreement and common ground. NA12345
Knowing how to think of alternative solutions to resolve conflicts NA12345
Understanding how to deal with employee grievances. NA12345


Encouraging collaboration with others. NA12345
Facilitating conflict resolution and mediation. NA12345
Understanding how to give constructive feedback.


Working more effectively in changing environments NA12345
Being able to adjust priorities to better meet changing business goals NA12345
Knowing how to be more flexible and open to new ideas. NA12345

Time Management & Planning

Knowing how to make more effective use of web-based calendars and To-Do lists. NA12345
Knowing how to prepare for contingencies NA12345
Dealing more effectively with distractions and interruptions. NA12345


Accepting responsibility and accountability for achieving goals and objectives. NA12345
Holding others accountable for their actions. NA12345
Giving advance warning on potential problems and issues that may affect others. NA12345

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Asking the right questions to better understand or evaluate situations. NA12345
Knowing the best way to divide problems into more manageable components. NA12345
Knowing how to develop innovative solutions to solve the root cause of problems. NA12345

I hereby confirm and certify that the information and attachments given herein are correct and accurate and that any subsequent changes would be duly communicated to Soft Law Firm by submission of a fresh form along with attachments.



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